7 Unique Places to Visit in Canada

Canada, the 2nd biggest country in the world, is one of the top tourist destinations as well. This nature-blessed nation is home to some amazing and unique places that cannot be experienced elsewhere. So, if you are thinking of vacationing in Canada, here are 7 unique places you must check out:

Places to Visit in Canada 

CN Tower

Once the tallest skyscraper in the world, the CN Tower, in Toronto is one of the major tourist attractions in Canada. It was only surpassed by the current record holder, Burj Khalifa in 2007. The CN Tower, standing at 1815 feet (553 metres), is mainly a communications centre, but also doubles up as an observation tower for tourists who want to experience Toronto’s unique skyline. The LookOut observation deck is an amazing place that is designed for panoramic views. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows for an optimal viewing experience. This is one of the must-visit places in Canada. 

Montreal Biodome Tropical Forest 

Here’s something different from the usually touristy spots. The Montreal Biodome Tropical Forest is a great escape from the cold and city views. The Biodome is located in the Space for Life Museum and houses the most exotic animals that will not be found in Canada’s wild. The Biodome has marsupial animals, exotic parrots and the deadly piranhas. Once done here, you can head to the other attractions in the museum complex like botanical garden, insectarium, and planetarium. You can easily spend an eventful day here.   

Rideau Canal National Historic Site 

This place alone is worth getting your Canada tourist visa. The Rideau Canal National Historic Site connects Ottawa to Kingston and is 202 kilometres long. In the winter months, this canal is the longest outdoor skating rink in the world, and from the month of May to October, it’s full of paddle boats and boat cruises. There are many adventures along the roads as well. The place is full of wineries, breweries, historic sites, and national parks. 

Niagara Falls 

Any trip to Canada would be incomplete without a visit to Niagara Falls. The best ways to see the falls are through the Hornblower Catamaran which takes as near to the falls as possible. However, if it is too scary for you, you can try the Niagara Skywheel. There are many beautiful places in and around the falls that you can enjoy. Plus, if you stay till it gets dark, you can witness the wonderful colourful lights that light up the falls. This is another site not worth missing. 

Banff National Park 

Easily one of the most naturally blessed parks in the world, Banff National Park, is something you must check out. Considered one of the best national parks in North America, Banff is home to a lot of biodiversity, including some rare animal species. The park covers a staggering 6,641 square kilometres and borders the British Columbia region. You can find many protected camping spaces in the park where you can set up camp and enjoy the stunning surroundings. This is the best place to experience nature. 

Churchill Manitoba 

Want to witness polar bears in their natural habitat? If yes, then Churchill Manitoba is the place to be. It is rightfully regarded as the ‘Polar Bear Capital’ of the world. In this chilly place, you can take expeditions that take you polar bear watching. You can also take kayaking tours where you can witness beluga whales up close. This place is one of the best places for animal lovers. And the icing on the cake here is that in Churchill, you can also witness the Northern Lights.  

Aurora Village

Speaking of the Northern Lights, there is a place better where you can see them almost 240 nights in a year. The Aurora Village in Yellowknife is popular for their views of the Northern Lights. Here, you can rent a teepee and stay overnight to catch the magical views of Aurora Borealis. Since the lights can be seen for so many days, you can choose which season is best for you. The lights can be seen mostly in the fall and winter season, but you can see them in a few summer nights as well. 

These are the 7 unique places to visit in Canada. If you are vacationing in the country, visiting these places will definitely spruce up your holiday.

Author: Nishita Khanwani

Nishita Khanwani is an avid blogger, who writes engaging blogs on subjects of travel, food, adventures and cultural experiences. She travels to various cultural hotspots in the world, such as Turkey, enjoying their richness